Photographs for Woolcock Partners

Sam thanks for the chance of showing you what I can do from behind the camera lens.


Here's a selection of photos of our house.


Without the expertise of one of your agents, I think the ideal buyer for our house is someone who likes to entertain. Some of the selling points would be the open plan kitchen/dining area and the great views.


General house photos are in the gallery below, then below that some teaser photos, followed by a couple of Social Media photo ideas and finally a time lapse of the view from our house.


Below are a couple of ideas for the teaser photo.  I like the right hand side one that incorporates entertaining and the glimpse of the view.


The left hand side photograph includes a person because most typical real estate photos do not.


Here's a couple of Social Media photo ideas for a for Denise Donaldson's birthday.

Finally here is a time lapse of the sun setting taken from our lounge room.